Creating a Sacred Space by Loulou

At my beautiful studio in Spain we are so blessed to have many yogis coming to live and teach us for a few months at a time. Loulou is our latest visiting teachers, she’s from Yorkshire in England just like me and is a pro at creating special sacred spaces. Read Loulou’s top tips here…

LouLou's Sacred Space

Start by choosing a space in your home to place small objects that are special to you. A nightstand, a bookshelf, the top of a dresser are all great. Then pick three special items. Items that make you think and feel love. This could be a photograph of you, photographs with friends and family. Perhaps a piece of jewellery, a beautiful silk scarf, a flower, even a postcard with words that really inspire you.

It is very beneficial to add an element of nature to your sacred space, this will help keep yourself connected to the universe and all it has to offer. The element of fire can be represented by a candle or incense. You might like to have a glass of water you replenish each day - This practice alone can bring you a real sense of clarity, visually letting worries or doubt drain away is an added bonus to representing the water element at your sacred space. A feather could represent the element of wind, a stone or crystal to represent Mother Earth. There is no need to buy something new, what you already have around your home will mean more to you than purchased possessions and you can add to your altar when other cherished objects gift themselves into your life.

Use the altar you have created as a place for you. Just wonderfully unique, you. Try to dedicated 5 minutes a day at your specially created space. During this time, ignite the element of nature you have chosen (light the candle, sprinkle some water, gently waft the feather or hold the stone/crystal) and simply focus on your breath. Do not try to control the breath just notice how it effortlessly moves in and out of the body and creates committed energy of self love.