How to get hair like an Angel.

Top London hair stylist Issey Hyde was ecstatic when she was asked to assist Akki Shawakawa on his hair team during the London Victoria’s Secret show this year where she was lucky enough to work on the gorgeous manes of Josephine Skriver and Magdelena Frackowiak (no pressure there then).

So of course us girls at Life es Bella wanted the low down on bodies, personalities, diet and that super sexy VS hair. Enjoy…

1. What makes the perfect VS hairstyle?
I felt the perfect results to be very sexy - wavy, bouncy, shiny bed hair - so luscious and thick.

2. How can we create the signature VS hair look at home?
You can create the look by working VS styling mousse and VS serum into clean hair in order to create a smooth malleable texture. Then using Ghd curling tongs, split the hair into small sections and build waves slightly away from the root, keeping the ends straight - finish by gently brushing with a soft bristle brush and VS hairspray for hold.

3. If a VS angel was having a bad hair day what would you recommend?
Keep calm, take a breath, close your eyes and start again.

4. How do the Angels keep their hair healthy despite all the heat styling? TREATMENTS TREATMENTS TREATMENTS. The models must maintain their hair by using professional treatments and heat protection products.

5. Is it true that the VS girls are like one big friendly family?
All the girls are lovely, they really are beautiful inside and out and yes they were like a big famalam sharing gossip and jokes constantly together. There is absolutely no bitchiness or back-stabbing between these girls, they support one another in every way.

6. Which of the Victoria´s Secret girls gave you hair envy?
Sara Sampaio gave me hair envy.

7. Who is you favourite Angel?
Adriana, she is just so gorgeous and original of course.

8. What are your top beauty secrets that you´ve picked up from working in the industry?
Be lovely, always moisturise and do yoga, it´s key for both the body and mind.

9. Favourite backstage quote?
“Chocolate makes you loose your halo!”