Recycled Christmas Decorations.

Christmas is just around the corner; such a wonderful time of year - a moment that we should aim to to thank Mother Earth for her constant nurture, give to people less fortunate than ourselves and enjoy creative endeavors with the people we love… and what better place to start than with homemade, recycled Christmas decorations.

As a working mum I have to schedule in special time to enjoy with my dear daughter Bella and Wednesday night is our date night. Tonight we have made stylish Christmas decorations from supermarket promotional leaflets, collected pine cones from the park and created cute candle holders from jam jars and sand, all of which have added an instant festive feel to our cosy home.

With a little bit of preparation, Pritt stick and passion you can save money, save energy and the environment whilst bonding with your beloved.

If you have the opportunity to donate to a charity this Christmas please do so.
Homeless shelters are a great place to start such as Centrepoint in London. Domestic violence, which is a problem all year around becomes worse at Christmas so please look at women’s charities and of course charities that are dedicated to making special childhood memories for the all the children in need out there.