Superfoods for superhumans.

These days it seems you have to be a mother of two, have a body to rival Gisele, box, do yoga, run 10k everyday, have a business, flawless skin and a super stress-free and joyful attitude to top it all off. Eeeeek, stop please; body says no, brain says slow and soul says “ho oh”.

Of course for many, sport and heavy schedules are our passions, our life but please take a moment to nourish your soul before you fly to the moon. I´m a yoga teacher and love all of the above (except for the 2nd child I am happy with just the one thank you!) and have come to understand just how important it is to gift our bodies with pleasure and relaxation. So, to all those super human beings out there - please have a week off sport, challenge yourself to do less, have a glass of wine with your girlfriends, eat some dark chocolate, giggle, - and then you can be superwomen! 

But - when you are flying high, training hard, travelling, working long hours, juggling babies feed your body with Nature´s Superfoods. Our foods have around 50% less nutrients in than they did 50 years ago so a little bit of added magic is going to make all the difference. Try Kiki Health Nature´s Living Superfood supplements which contain Spirulina, Chlorella, Icelandic Kelp, Kale and much more fantasticness. 

You can buy your pot of power here and receive a special 10% discount as a follower of lifeesbella.tumblr.com when you enter the word ¨PEACE´ at checkout. http://www.deeplynourished.co.uk/supplements/natures-living-superfood-150gm-and-300gm/

Zoom, Zoom Zooooooommmmmmm