Personal Yoga Love 

After years in the yoga, wellness and mindfulness world I have come to realise two things about yoga classes: 1. The energy of a group can really lift students up to heavenly heights and help us feel extremely connected to our community, which is just priceless. 2. There are times in life when group classes aren't suitable and a more personal and private environment is needed to enable progress. This is why I created a program called PYL, Personal Yoga Love, classes designed especially for you - a space I will hold for you to grow.  

Maybe you want to focus your practice specifically on releasing stress and tension, maybe you have a physical aim of working on overall fitness or body tone or you're a beginner and want to learn key elements before embarking on a group class. Maybe you're looking to alleviate anxiety and insomnia or perhaps you are pregnant or you've just had a baby and want to carefully regain pelvic floor and core strength or even to deepen your spiritual experience and energetic understanding. 

How does it work?: After an initial email consultation I will create a unique yoga sequence to meet your individual requirements. We will then meet either in my studio, in your home or workplace or even on Skype if you're not in the Bilbao area and work through your tailor-made program. 

What to do next: Contact Kat, tell her your dates, needs and desires.