Effortless Detox

Throughout December it seems we all resign ourselves to feeling better in January and words such as ‘detox’ float around in future context, but the truth is you are always naturally detoxing - naturally and more effortlessly than we may have previously believed.

Kat Detox smoothie

If there’s one thing I think it’s absolutely vital to understand when it comes to health it’s that your wonderful amazing body is the very best, most intelligent machine that ever has or ever will exist; it loves you unconditionally and is continuously working so hard to naturally detoxify and heal your system keeping you radiant, efficient and strong. When it comes to detoxification your body has your back and during the festive season it seems so fitting and wonderful to take a moment to support the body on its quest for health by following a few simple and free techniques (I’ve written my favourites below) or perhaps scheduling a Detox Date which is pretty much like reaching your arms out wide in gratitude to the spring of wellbeing that always flows within you.

Ways to support the natural intelligence of the body

  1. Intermittent Fasting (while you sleep). No, you don’t have to go without food for a week, you basically just need to NOT eat when you sleep - easy right? Nature is so clever you see, at night time she intended for you to fast and that’s why she blesses you with sleep. By giving your body a chance to do its job by not overloading it with food and drink late at night it cleans itself just like you might need to stop cooking in order to clean the kitchen, it’s the same theory. If you eat your evening meal at 20.30 just make a commitment to not eat again for 12-13 hours, until around 09.00 the next morning. It might mean cutting out the before bed snack but when that means more radiance - who needs that unnecessary snack all the time?

  2. Water. It’s easy, nobody ever said you couldn’t enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee but make water your favourite drink and help the natural filtering systems of your body. I am trying to drink 2 ltr of water every day at the moment, some days I do and others I don’t but I feel so happy knowing that something so simple and FREE like water is helping me to glow.

  3. Move. Your body is alive: the breath, the blood, the organs, your thoughts - they are all moving around doing their job, not one single part of your internal being is lazy and when we join them in this dance of health we support harmony.

Detox Yoga Dates with me: 

Through yoga, as we move, breath and affirm we allow oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to flow to the organs and positive thoughts and feeling to flood the mind, we also enjoy the added benefits of detoxing from over-thinking, stressing, planning, using technology, talking and noise. When you leave a yoga class you have a special feeling that other activities don’t quite match (for me anyway) - not only do you feel like you've worked your entire body you also feel lighter, happier, calmer, it's like you're just being the best version of YOU.

I have designed a few yoga options to choose from including a 2 hour workshop and a weekend retreat:

  1. December Detox. Sunday 30th December 10.00-12.00 at La Casa del Yoga.  
    2. January Detox Retreat. One weekend on Bilbao Yoga Retreats from January 10th-13th, please note the program run over Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Thursday is a travel and settle day.

I hope this blog post reminds you how AMAZING you are and inspires you to support the temple of your being this christmas and forever.

If you would like to book the above events please go to the contact page.